Websites for telenovelas

telenovelas for spanish many thanks!

Check these out:

Muchas gracias!

jonesjack, after you review these links you could really save me some time if you told me your favorite, please

I will be having a look at some tonight

I recently watched Traición - Serie dramática en RTVE Play.
I liked it very much.

these shows are for fluent spanish speakers they don’t have subtitles and some of them are geo blocked you would need a vpn to watch them online rtve has some subtitled shows so if you are not particular to the accent of spain that is your best bet that is if you think your spanish is good enough to follow with out the subtitles.

Which website has subtitles?

I have no idea how generous the UK version of netflix is, but there are a bunch of them on Canadian netflix. Almost all of them have subtitles.

The rtve website offers a lot of shows and many of them include close captions:

A personal favorite is the “Ministerio del Tiempo” series. It’s about time travel. Here you have season 1

Seasons 2 and 3 are also available.

Btw, are you aware that there are some series made especially for foreign learners? Here’s one: admittedly silly and cheesy but they speak slowly:

This is a better version

You may want to watch an episode or part of it without subtitles to check how much of the story you can understand, then rewatch with subtitles.
It’s a very useful exercise. I used to advise English learners to watch the BBC series “Flatmates” and use the same technique

thank you very much for your help ftornay!

I have found that with the UK version of Netflix that almost all the Netflix original’s have Spanish audio and subtitles which is great!