Websites for non-fiction ebooks with audio books in Spanish

I was watching the recent video on youtube where Steve mentions how important listening is and I have heard him say before that you should enjoy what you are reading.
So, I was wanting to know if anyone had any recommendations for websites that sell non-fiction ebooks and audio books in Spanish where I can download both the audio and the ebook? Style of book is not important I will narrow that down myself so it doesn’t matter if there is history books or whatever.

I have been using an Audible subscription for French. Not all books are available but they do have a large selection.

The voices of the readers are quite good as well.

Storytel, audiolibros y libros electrónicos en tu móvil or try this 14 days free, if it’s not what you are looking for, u can cancel. you need to listen along with lingq

Thanks both of you for your replies. I will check out Audible for Spanish and I’m looking at the links provided now.

I just recorded on my MacBook some Audiobooks from Audible and then exportet them as mp3, from there to lingq,
takes a bit time, but works quite well.

Thanks for letting me know.

one more tip, which I just found on lingq forum, there is a software, with which you can download as mp3 direct from audible, I did not test it, but it sounds quite interesting