Website for finding language resources

I believe it can be useful for everyone here:
It is a website where you can search for new resources for study languages.
For finding things which can be imported to LingQ you can for example filter result by skills - reading and listening
or listening with transcript like here
There is actually many combination so you have to check by yourself…


this is marvelous

Excellent, just found a couple of promising french resources through this! Thanks for sharing!


I wish I could give you more Roses for this haha. Thank you!!!

Just share it with friend and I it make me be happy :slight_smile:

No Czech?:frowning:

Paule, are you reading any of the online magazines in Czech? I do that and combine it with Jak to Vidi which unfortunately no longer offers transcripts. If you find any good audio book/e-book combinations for Czech let me know. I have a few really good ones for Polish.

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This is a great resource. For those LingQers who feel so inclined, please don’t be bashful about reviewing LingQ which is one of the sites mentioned.

Sometimes I import articles from Česká Televize - ČT24 - Prague, Czech Republic - Streema Player into LingQ. The videos usually have the same keywords, which is cool.

I´ll check out Jak to Vidi :slight_smile:

It’s not the first time I’ve been looking around for new resources and Lingq members have saved the day!