Website audio no longer available unless downloaded

All of a sudden I can’t play audio from within LingQ; instead I have to download the audio and play it through my media player. This is very impractical for me due to space constraints and I do not want to have to deal with deleting files all the time. Why has this changed, and is there a way I can still play audio through the website?

@JPike - Nothing has changed there. Is this happening to you for all lessons or just for one lesson in particular? Please share the lessons that are causing you problems so we can look into it a little more.

I’m just a user but I don’t think this is a change that they made… audio still works for me. What web browser are you using? I know Firefox changed the way it handles some popular plugins (such as Flash) with its most recent update, maybe that is messing with the way the audio player works? I think it will automatically disable Flash if it is out of date.

It is currently happening on Firefox in the “Who is She” German lesson. I am at a library, I will look at it tonight when I get to my own computer and see if the problem also occurs there or if it is just with Firefox like cgreen0038 suggests.

It works fine with Safari, so it must be something with the Firefox browser at the library I use.

@JPike1028 - If it’s happening with all lessons, it sounds like it is either a fairly old version of Firefox or it needs a Flash player update. I’m not sure how the computers work at your library, but if they allow you to download either of these then give it a shot, but otherwise maybe give Chrome a try if it’s available (and if not then maybe ask them to provide Chrome as well).