Web Japan

Recently I found the interesting web site about Japan named “Web Japan” .

It looks like a popular web site which is sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
The main page is provided the information in English, but they also provided in other languages like Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, Arabic and so on.

As you can see the page, there are many interesting menu like Trends in Japan (updated Fashion, Life style, Sci-Tech, Pop culture, Food&Travel, Street style) and Video.

There is also sister web site named “Kids Web Japan”.

They provide it in English and Japanese.
I read very interesting news about Japan’s super egg machine. We buy eggs at the supermarket and eat them often. But I didn’t know how to check and pack them with Japanese high tech super egg machine. As one of Japanese citizen, I’m proud of it. It’s worth to read and see it.

Anyway, the above websites are good for Japanese learners who want to know more about Japan. They are also good site for Japanese natives who learn English.

Take a look!

Very interesting. Thanks.

As the language used is about intermediate 2, and the website is offered in a number of different languages, it is also useful to read ABOUT Japan in your target language. I am reading about No theatre in Russian and it’s very interesting :wink:

I’m glad you both like it.
I’m reading the content in English titled “The world first scientific taste sensor” on Kids Web Japan. It’s very interesting, especially the following part.

“Try putting some honey on a cucumber. Eat it with your eyes closed, and you’ll swear you were eating melon.”

cucumber + honey = melon
milk + vinegar = ??
tomato + sugar = ??
apple + milk = ??

I didn’t know it.
There are more interesting topics in a number of different languages.

The articles on Kids Web are available in Japanese and English, although the language used is a bit too difficult for me!