Web Devs Please Help - I'm trying to Extract Subtitles from a Streaming Site

Update: Resolved thanks to Sirush Comment

If you are a web developer please help. I’ll share my login info for this site I mention below.

I’m trying to extract subtitles from a video streaming site called Globo Play (A Brazil streaming site I’m using for Portuguese).

Unfortunately it has a pay wall so you’ll have to give blind suggestions or use my login info (I’ll only give these details to a LingQer with good rep or a web developer).

Most tutorials for streaming sites like YouTube or Netflix show you can extract subtitles via the “Inspect” option and look inside the “network” tab then search for srt, vtt, xls, etc files. Unfortunately it’s not that simple for Globo Play because none of these files show up. I can’t find any subtitle files but it IS using some file. They aren’t hardcoded.

I KNOW it’s possible because I figured this out 1 year ago. Problem is I forgot where I wrote my instructions down and I’ve already burned 2-3 hours trying to figure it out again. I figured some LingQ friend might be willing to offer a hand.

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I found a free show with subtitles on that website (A Corrida Das Vacinas) and was able to find the subtitles in the network tab.
Here’s the instruction :

  • Load the video page
  • Press F12 to open the chrome console and navigate to the network tab
  • Press F5 to refresh the page
  • At the top of the console, there’s a search bar, type vtt
  • One or more line should show up, select the line with the name that ends in .vtt (It was 9893884-por-59010fe0-0766-013a-2507-0242ac110002.vtt in my case)
  • You can see the subtitle by clicking preview
  • Right click > copy > copy link address and paste it in your browser to access the subtitle file (you can then right click and save as)
    Let me know if it works for you!
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AHH I was missing that F5 step. The subs pop right up after that. Thank you so much Sirush!!

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