Web Browser Extensions (Software) for LingQ

Good stuff. Yomichan is an awesome addon, wish there was more like it.

Not sure, probably some unintended interaction. If it happens again send me over the error

I use Safari. Any plans to develop this extension for Safari? (If not, please let me know why – I may be able to help if there’s a problem.)

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I don’t own a MAC, I couldn’t test or deploy the extension.

Pro tip: If the extension has already been updated for the day (or recently) and you’re not seeing updates you should be seeing. Uninstall and reinstall the extension to get the most recent update (as soon as @roosterburton announces an update since updates are always quick and frequent—when needed with all their extensions).

You’ll most likely have to re-customize the add-on to your needs again—depending on the extension (like with the Rooster Hotkeys extension)—but sometimes, getting the most recent update quicker is worth it—in my opinion.

Otherwise, just wait until it updates on its own with your automatic updates setting shown by roosterburton.

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Some additional images/instructions for Chrome users:

1. Toggle on “Developer Mode”:

2. Click “Load unpacked” and click on the unzipped file version of the extension:

Note: This is what I had to do for my first time manually installing something on the Chrome browser. I thought I would share these extra tips and images!

Feature I would appreciate:

Basically Language Reactor directly connected to LingQ.

I wish I could just watch videos on youtube and LingQ words from the subtitles directly there instead of needing to go to the LingQ website and use the reader. As the LingQ video player isn’t good I have to watch a youtube video on one half of the screen and do the LingQing on the other half and this is a slow process. Thanks for your hard work

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I had not heard of Language Reactor but it looks like a very capable tool. Have a look at the results that are returned from a simple word search.

This is a query on Language Reactor for Finnish-English (using word jääkaappi)


I will look at incorporating this info directly into my AutoLingQ feature. (using the ChatGPT form / Highest confidence ms_form result.)

This is possible, I’ll add it to the dev list.

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I’ve added Language Reactor AutoLingQing to Master LingQ Premium from version 1.63.

That tip was very beneficial for my software and personal learning.

Send me a message with your google e-mail address and I’ll give you free access to Master LingQ Premium


Sweet!! Yes! Language Reactor is great! I’ve been using it in tandem with LingQ since I joined!

Glad you like it, too!


Good to know, i’m quite impressed with the data available for each word. Will try to integrate these features a bit more… probably updates for observer.

Working on some LingQ Youtube tools. (Translations directly underneath the subtitles and LingQing words directly from the Youtube Video). There will be some mechanism that imports the content and links the lesson with the Youtube video. This will also incorporate the Language Reactor tool to display and send the data to LingQ.

Likely to be a MasterLingQ Premium exclusive and should be initially available in a couple days.

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Wow awesome. Just sent. Can’t wait to try it out. This is gonna make life so much easier. Thanks a mil rooster

Hi Rooster,
Did you make the “A flexible menu that displays account statistics” available to others?
Does your plug-in work with any / one particular browser?

Hi Rooster,
Did you make the “A flexible menu that displays account statistics” available to others?
Does your plug-in work with any / one particular browser?

Or can/ should I got with google sheets and somethign like this (this vesion has problems).

I don’t think I made that plug-in, I had the key binding to toggle stats and a words read pop up.

The YouTube Tools extension has a live updating words read / listen counter and will be adding a this session feature showing words lingqed/known

Thanks. I just started using it. To adjust langauges, I had to turn if off and on; it’s not clear how to adjust it for English/ Greek videos.

The fact that is overlays above YT videos and you can change the font size is great.

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I don’t see a live updating words read / listen counter.


That feature is in the premium version. If you want to try it out i’ll give you a 3 day free trial no commitment

Hi Rooster!
I’m a newbie To LingQ And I’m trying to work out what your software does, from what I’m piecing together it seems to be something I could use but only available on laptop, not on iPad. Is that correct?

From the point of view of user-friendliness, I’m wondering if there is a video summary of what your software offers, a kind of introduction? Is there one?

From what I can see, once these extensions are installed on the browser, you can overlay LingQ features on Video players? Sorry for the stupid questions, I find it confusing as I’m just coming into LingQ and I cannot find a separate website for your software but I am definitely interested!

Thank you,


Hi Julio, thanks for showing interest in the software.

That’s right. These extensions are built for web browsers.

I’m currently considering other modes of deployment, including IoS and Android Apps for the Video Overlay Extensions. I have a large amount of experience with Unity so its a real possibility, likely a next year solution though.

The Master LingQ Chrome Video (pinned at the top) is the most recent (although not that recent), it shows some of the features in action. There are separate videos for the overlay extensions which you can view on their support pages. I’ve enlisted the help of a friend to setup my Social Media, organize better quality videos and advertising etc. so that will be coming in the near future.

That is one of the features. Youtube, Netflix and Disney+ currently. I’m working on Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Foxtel.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll see what I can do about that


Hi Rooster!
I have just paid you via PayPal, For the master premium version… Please let me know if it’s correct, and whether this is the right place to request access?
Thank you!