Web Browser Extensions (Software) for LingQ

I don’t quite follow. Can you be more specific about what the problem is? There may be some issue I’m not aware of when you have more than one native language loaded. This program will save time if you are doing your SRS elsewhere, like ANKI and just need the LingQ quickly made.

Try out the Rooster Reader extension!

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I downloaded Rooster Reader . It has addded to my chrome browser but nothing showed up. I have refreshed the page a few times. AUTO LINGQ LESSONS extension is working but there is an issue with ROOSTER READER. Let me know what I have to do differently. Thanks for your help


Thanks for the persistence mate.

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How to display translation either in English or my native language Urdu. Right now it is displaying empty space

see the attached image:

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The problem is likely because the data looks a bit different if you have more than one language loaded. I’ll post an update in a few hours to fix the problem.


See the attachment below. It is displaying translation in my native language Urdu. However, I had to add the translation manually which I can not do for each lesson and would take up so much time. I thought it would display the translation of the lesson automatically.

well how it is different from opening a google translation tool on a separate browser and paste your lingq lesson there and read it through then read the same lesson on lingq without translation.

The process should be automatic as a learner I do not have to add translation manually through edit lesson.


We all hear you mate. Its a current limitation of the LingQ interface. You need to supply your own translations and fix the timestamps. These extensions have only been out a few days, give it some time and we might get to the right spot.


Good luck. Your premier version seems like a good product in the making. That’s how it should be.


This is all new to me - thanks for taking this on.
I’d be very interested in:
•Greek sentences (ideally with audio in Greek and with translations in English); again ideally at a defined level in Greek. AI gets some way there by asking if for “very basic Greek”, but often this is still quite advanced.

•A visible, live running total of target language words read today. It’s in statistics but hidden at the bottom of a screen that needs a click and then scroll. Possible in the heading alongside the streak number.
•same for words read for all time.
This may help

•a shortcut to do define things: next page (+delay) +translate +audio. These already exist individually on separate shortcuts.


You can check out my Greek-English premium demo HERE.

Good idea. A flexible menu that displays account statistics. I’ve already made something like this privately so it won’t be much work to implement.

1 Button shortcut for sentence by sentence view? I’ll look into it.

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It would be super cool to be able to use this with Viki and Weverse to get the subtitles on videos to study from. (But I know these can be tricky.)

Otherwise, I transcribe everything by hand for personal use, but that takes a good chunk of time.

This one looks exciting because many videos I’m interested in have burned-in type subtitles, but no CCs from Youtube, so I always get the error that they can’t be imported, which is disappointing.

I’ll keep an eye on what you have going with these extensions. Thanks for taking this on, making it accessible, and sharing!


Yes… not all of us are sufficiently IT savvy to quickly implement these features, but seriously, maybe RoosterBurton even consider applying to do some official work for the LingQ team.

Given the amount of bugs recently (tags and LingQ’s stopped again*, barely after they were just fixed), they could sure use some more capable IT people just for maintanence.


I’ll have a look at these sites and add this project to the work queue

Indeed, I should make this one more of a priority.


It’s always nice to have a backup when official things break! These extensions can fill that hole.

Let’s see how these projects develop first.

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I’m really impressed by all the addons you’ve developed here… very cool stuff! I had a similar idea to the account statistics idea that was mentioned here. I’ve been thinking about how awesome it would be to have a dashboard page where you can select the challenges you’ve signed up for and see their progress all in one place for all languages. (For example: Hardcore Italian 90 Day Challenge + Hardcore Russian 90 Day Challenge progress bars on the same dashboard)

Right now you have to click through to the challenge page to see these progress bars. It would be awesome to be able to see all the progress bars at once for the challenges on a single page to get an overview of your progress across multiple languages.

In a similar vein, if it’s possible to input hours of listening for multiple languages on the same dashboard page that would save some time since I’m always adding minutes across 3 different languages for when I listen outside of LingQ.

Just an idea in case you are looking for more things to build or if the LingQ devs are listening in here!


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Good idea. Dashboard for challenges progress has been added to the list.

I like it. I’ll include this in the development list too.


I’m having a little problem with Auto LingQ (I think). When I click on a word’s definition to try to make corrections, the space bar just toggles the audio on and off. I can’t get a space to appear in the definitions. So my apology in advance to anyone trying to learn Korean who might see definitions containing underscores instead of spaces…


This is probably something with Rooster Observer. I was having problems blocking the keyboard shortcuts on the LingQ reader but I thought it was fixed. I’ll have a look at that and see what I can do today.

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I added Rooster Lesson Editor to my Firefox and refreshed the page (a bunch, as you mentioned—if we don’t see the extension working), but I don’t think it’s working for me. It’s still greyed out in the extensions puzzle piece icon but seems to have been installed correctly.

I also clicked on some text boxes in the edit lesson mode.

Did I miss something? Edit: Does it also require the LingQ extension to be installed, too? (I use Chrome for LingQ mostly—I want to use your extension in Firefox since you mentioned the updates are faster than Chrome, so I did that, and I don’t have the LingQ Extension added to Firefox, but I can do it if it helps.)

Target Language: Korean
Native Language: English

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Thanks for trying it out! If the extension is grey then you might be on the wrong page. You need to be in the lesson editor menu.