[WEB APP] Please fix the horrible mess related to TTS pronunciation of individual words

Three days ago, I accidentally found out that your developers thought it would be a good idea to slow down the pronunciation of individual words to x 0.8. Not only is this a terrible idea because it forces users to hear a completely unnatural pronunciation, penalises intermediate and advanced learners who do not want to listen at snail pace, and introduces a lack of consistency between platforms (Android and iOS retain normal pronunciation, thank goodness), but the pronunciation of individual words is broken. In Korean I have the impression of listening to a radio while driving through a tunnel.

I therefore ask that you fix this mess and put an option in the settings to adjust the speed at which individual words are read. Users should not have this kind of unpleasant surprises forced upon them.

I really don’t know why you devote so much time amending stuff that works perfectly while neglecting things that could do with improvement. The new statistics page is another example of an unwanted disaster.


That’s a fair point. If only we could receive a thoughtful reply!


What makes you think the speed was reduced? That should not have been done. What language and which voice? What platform are you on? How do you know it has been reduced to .8x?

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See this topic https://forum.lingq.com/t/lowered-default-playback-rate-of-text-to-speech-in-the-web-version/431793

Zoran himself confirmed that the widget TTS speed has been reduced to .8x
I am talking about the web app. It occurs with every browser regardless of the voice selected.

How do I know? Well, because it’s obvious and being a daily user, I noticed something had changed after an update two or three months ago. Of course, users weren’t notified and thought it was a bug.