[WEB APP BUG] Punctuation is cut off at the end of dialogues


I don’t know if this has already been reported, but I am encountering a problem on the web app.

I imported a Korean novel in epub format which contains dialogues and I have spotted that the dialogues are missing their punctuation at the end. The closing inverted commas, question marks or full stops are missing.

I went into “edit lesson” to double check the text I imported and the punctuation is definitely there. Somehow, it is missing in lesson view.

This only appears to affect dialogues and it is just the web app which has this problem. (I checked my Android app and everything is fine.)

This is affecting every lesson regardless of which browser is used.

I hope this can be sorted out because it makes it difficult to read the text, especially in sentence mode as you cannot see where the sentence ends.


Same here. I’m also using epub imports for Korean text.

We are familiar with the issue and our team is looking into it. We will have it fixed.

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OK. Thanks Zoran.