Web and Mobile App Updates - Jan 29, 2023

Android App

  • Alternate script settings for Cantonese
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements to Playlists, Challenges and more
  • Tap to page in Reader
  • Added setting to disable all milestone and daily goal popups
  • Preferred topic settings added
  • Improved lesson opening performance
  • Improved Library loading performance
  • Timestamp editing improvements
  • Enable phrase creation for hyphenated words
  • New streak and activity indicators
  • Lesson level filter improvements
  • Improved text and audio sync in Listening Mode
    iOS App
  • Improvements to show Furigana
  • Only show Furigana for highlighted words
  • Preferred topic settings added
  • Audio playback speed 1.25x added
  • Support hyphens in multi-word lingqs
  • Fixes for import screen
  • New streak indicator
    Web App
  • Fixes to popular meanings list
  • Library performance optimizations
  • Reader performance optimizations
  • Fixes to Cantonese transliteration
  • Show phrases containing hyphens
  • Optimize results in News Feed
  • Integrated review added for Sentence View
  • Furigana shown for Japanese transliteration
  • Find and Replace All added to Edit Lesson page
  • Optimized Contributor Rankings
  • Added additional parts of speech tags
  • Improvements to timestamp generation
  • Improvements to transliteration
  • Setting added to disable streak and milestone popups
  • Fixed Dutch Grammar Guide
  • Added Polish and Turkish interface languages
  • Korean TTS improvements
  • Related phrase highlight fixes

The latest Android app mentions “sentence notes” as a new feature, but I cannot see anything different when in sentence mode. Where can I find it? Thanks.

Wild speculation, but you may need to “edit sentence” (click the 3 dots at upper right). Then you can add a note. I know on the website too it would show a number if there was a note. So maybe one or both of these were added? I’ve not tried editing sentence from the app.

OK. I thought maybe Android was at last catching up with the browser and iOS which have recently had quite a few brand new features added for sentence mode. Android is lagging behind as far as this is concerned.

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Those Sentence View updates for Android are being worked on and should be ready before too long.


Mark, would it be possible to get a roadmap of sorts as far as improvements or changes that are being worked on? Apologies if there is any I missed it, but it would be interesting to see and possibly for the community to provide feedback or input.


@Caldezar - We will see whether that’s something we can do. We don’t have the ability for a public view of the tools we currently use though.

Thank you for the update notes!

Are there any plans to fix the issue with Armenian question marks that separate the word on LingQ?


I don’t see why a roadmap would require to make the tools that you use public.

I am pretty sure most of us would be happy with something simple which would allow members to offer suggestions for improvements /new features and an ability to upvote. Lingq could then label suggestions as “planned”, "in progress " or “rejected”.

It would make it easier to keep track of what’s going on. The forum is just too messy.


@mark I think even a simple text roadmap that includes updates you are working on that you hope to implement in the next three months, the next six months, and the next year would be great. I think the format you used in your initial post would work great, although some of the items may need some additional clarifying description so that we know what it means or what is being fixed. It would give us an idea of what is coming.

As you know, the community would also love to provide feedback or input into that process. Some of that input would be impossible to pursue or would be something to pursue for LingQ 6.0 maybe, but some of it may also help the team prioritize things they are actively working on, or could be working on that they are not currently.

But whether or not we have the opportunity to provide feedback, I think it would still be nice to see where the platform is going.


Do you realise that there are massive empty vertical spaces at the end of many of your posts?

Shouldn’t the forum software cut off big empty vertical spaces at the end of posts.

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Yes. For some reason I have this issue whenever I post from my new Android phone. There’s nothing I can do to prevent it.

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@ColinJohnstonov Yours did the same thing for some reason. Weird.

@SeoulMate - ok, we will look into this. I will update soon.
@Cassius 90 - I’m not familiar with that issue but you should report it to support if you haven’t already.


How does this tool look to everyone for feedback, https://lingq.canny.io ? I’ve added a few simple issues to get things started.


I think this is great!

I do want to highlight two things:

  1. I’m not sure if it’s possible to show what the “priority” planned updates are with this tool. If there are 50 items on it in the “planned” section, can they be ranked to show where they are in the chute? Presumably, if they are “in progress,” we can hope to see them soon.
  2. This may already be built in, but someone on your side needs to approve a request before it is added to one of the lists. People should not be able to just add stuff. I know the community here is committed to the program, so I doubt you’d get many trolls or bad actors, but a requested update should not automatically become a planned update. Perhaps add an “under review” column for requested updates. Then, the originator could post about it in the forum and if people are on board, they can hop over to the widget and upvote it or something like that? Ideally, an “under review” column could be rank ordered by date added and most upvotes. I just realized you already did this. My bad.

Overall though, this is super exciting to see!

This is great Mark. Thanks!!

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I did it on purpose. I removed it now.

I’m not sure. We’ll see how to goes once we start building up a list.

Thanks for the list.