We miss the blogs

I just had a group conversation, and we figured out that we all miss the blogs on LingQ. It was often really interesting to see an overview of the blog posts. I often read in the blogs of my friends for example Steve, Alleray, SanneT, etc. But now I miss all their new posts because I’ve no overview of them. And the other members in our group feel the same.

Please, please bring this feature back. You can put it on a new site under “Friends” to not overcrowd the other pages for example.

Yeah! That was a nice feature.

If it were at all possible to bring back the blogs: yes, please! I do miss reading them. Having to look for individual blogs makes life a little bit harder and LingQ less informative…

Those blogs were removed because they were a drain on our server resources. We had to check every blog that had ever been entered into our system and update any new posts and since people had Twitter feeds in there as well as blog posts, this ended up being too much data to manage for what we considered a minor feature on the site. However, if you would like others to follow your blog posts, just get in the habit of sharing the link for each blog post on your wall on LingQ. It’s very easily done by clicking on the paper clip button, pasting your url into the field that appears, adding a comment if you like and clicking post. You’ll see that after pasting in the url, the system will find that post and any image attached to and display it on your wall. You will then be able to interact on LingQ about the post if you like. Perhaps someday we’ll enable these blog posts to be imported…

I think we have to start adapting to the new model on LingQ which is to publish on your wall what you would like to share with your friends instead of having events automatically posted there. I think if we do that, we can get significantly more out of the Friends section than we were before.

Any plans for a “Share link on LingQ” bookmarklet?

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Yes, we would love to have one but it will be a future enhancement…but for sure someday would be nice.