We just hit one million LingQ members!

We just hit one million LingQ members! Woohoo!

Lucky member one million won a year’s free Premium membership. Read about her story here: http://ow.ly/7sSW3057YFs

To keep the celebration going, we want to offer you 40% off your first month of Premium LingQ membership! Happy LingQing!

UPGRADE NOW: http://ow.ly/D0Vf3057Ymh


Does this apply to my next billing,too? I am a Premium Plus member now.

Sorry yukiko, discount applies on current free members only, and they’ll get $4 discount on their first Premium month.

Okay! By the way, congratulations!

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Congratz guys, been a member for nearly 3 years and I’m still going :wink:

Keep up the good work.


one million! congratulations. Does it mean one million members actually being member, or does it mean one million including also those who were member in the past and have put an end to their membership?



Just out of curiosity, how many of those are paying members?

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For good reason. Lingq works. Hands down the most useful method for learning a language.


The same question popped into my mind, Wulfgar. My guess is that the PAYING MEMBERS hover around 5% of the total membership. I imagine that there is a range plus or minus 3%-7% due to new paying members and paying members who do not renew their paid membership for whatever reason.

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My guess:
990,000 inactive and non-paying,
8,000 a little active or mostly active in the forum and non-paying,
2,000 active and paying …

Interesting numbers! What is your guess based upon?

Just a rough estimate, based on the active members here in the forum, and the rankings. LingQ is also kind of exotic compared to other language learning platforms like Babbel, Busuu, Duolingo, etc., and is more for people who are used to learn autonomically (and there are not so many who are able to learn languages autonomically with a system like LingQ)…

And then there are people like me: inactive, but still paying… Stupid, I know, but I don’t really want to lose my imported lessons and I always plan to get back to learning rather sooner than later.

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I agree. Being able to read and listen to stuff you’re actually interested in and having the tools to efficiently identify and track the words you want to learn throughout all of your readings is simply the most powerful way of learning a language, in my opinion.

I tried some other programs for a while and they just don’t compare to LingQ. So I’m back to using LingQ and to my surprise it’s actually much better than it was before. Especially the android app, which previously was my biggest complaint because I do most of my reading throughout the day on my phone and the old app was too crippled in its functionality. The new app is amazing. Now I finally have essentially everything I wanted in a language learning system. Thank you, LingQ team. And congratulations on your 1 millionth member!

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Hi Niek, may I ask?
Have you started from scratch here and made all this impressive numbers in Polish and Spanish?


Ofcourse you may ask :slight_smile:

Yes, I have started from scratch here in both these languages.

In the beginning the LingQ library will do the job, but later on I basically just import interesting content into LingQ and move on from there.

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You are crazy my friend :), , I am really impressed with your profile and journey.

How do you find the audio for the interesting content?

And “In the beginning the LingQ library will do the job”, why? I see there are many intermediate 1, 2 contents, why you do not find them good?

It’s all a matter of personal interest, as soon as I feel comfortable I will focus on news articles with matching video’s or audio.

Later on when I understand mostly everything I switch to books.

Everyone has his personal preferences though :wink:

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