"We could do with the man about the place"

The phrase in the title -
meaning? Origin? Context?

Thx, anyone!!

To me, the translation seems off as that seems incorrect to me. Alternatively, it could also be old English (How english was spoken in the past) where the phrasing of certain words is different than convention today.

A better translation to the subtitle may be
We could use a man in this place, eh sister?

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It’s coloquial British English, though it’s not a miss-translation, it’s the original phrase used in the English original dialog of the show. But DistractingMoose is correct that the meaning of the sentence is along the lines of “We could use a man in this place”


Americans would say “around this place.”

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Hey, thx a lot for your reply. It’s not a translation, it’s literally what a character says - i always use english subtitles when I watch an american or english tv-series/movie, because the pronunciation isn’t always clear, for one and second - I’m always interested in expanding my vocabulary, I don’t want to miss a word…
The second guess was right - it is old english - it’s happening around 1897. My English is pretty fluent these days, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around this one, so - thx again, mate.

Thx, man. I appreciate the effort. I just couldn’t crack that one by my self. Cheers

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Thx, man. I appreciate it.

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