Way to mark words unknown without making a Lingq?

I’m using Lingq to maintain/improve a language I am already fairly advanced in, so I have set to mark words as known when I turn the page. However I do occasionally come across words that I don’t need to study, so I don’t want to make a Lingq, but I still want to leave them marked as unknown for the future.

Actually, I have a few people I want to recommend this site to, but because of this, combined with the very low limit on Lingqs, the website is almost unusable as a free trial when you are coming straight in as a more advanced reader.

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Why not just pay for a month and use it to your heart’s content? A month is not a large investment - it’s much better to examine the product fully, particularly if you’re planning to recommend it to friends. You’ll end up paying far less than $20 dollars - less than a dollar a day for the privilege - and by the end of the month you’ll know whether it’s a product for you and you’ll know the full extent of the pros and cons when recommending it to friends :slight_smile:


I have a pro account :slight_smile: And the people I’m concerned about recommending it to are my adult students not my friends :slight_smile: Actually I would like to send them articles through LingQ but seems quite rude as a teacher if they hit a paywall before finishing the first article :slight_smile:

Also, as an advanced learner, you don’t want to immediately memorize every word you see! This is my real concern :slight_smile:

At the moment that’s not possible, unless you avoid to complete a lesson. That way blue words will remain blue (you also need to disable “Paging moves to known” in Settings).

I’d say it’s a bit wrong mental model here. Blue words don’t mean unknown they mean not seen before. Your 1s are just to show you that you’ve seen the word before. Why would you avoid it? It’s kind of a mark to help you to remember the word in the future, not really to memorize.

Trial is pretty useless indeed though.