Watching TV series in your target Language with subtitles

Hi I am just wondering if it worth my time to start watching my target language which is Spanish in a series on Netflix for example but with English subtitles all the while studying on here listening and reading?

I would say yes, that’s a good form of exposure. Just try to be mindful to listen to the language, rather zoning out and just reading in English.

I will sometimes watch a television show/movie with subtitles, and then go back and watch it again without, in order to really pay attention to the spoken target language.

Steve just uploaded a nice video about the importance of variety in language learning, I would say using tv shows with subtitles would be a good way to mix things up: Variety is Key When Learning New Languages - YouTube

Good idea,

Maybe switch from English to Spanish subtitles after a while.

you should be using spanish subtitles

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I don’t think you’ll get much mileage out of it at this point. As long as you’re doing your “real” learning elsewhere, you can do the show watching to keep yourself motivated or as a reward. I do think too that you WILL find this more productive once you have a lot of vocab and are looking to pump up your listening hours.

yeah I like to think so too, its just gonna take me a long time to get my known words up! I think I will start watching spanish content with subtitles once I have reached 10k known words.

Also what about passive listening at my stage is it a waste of time or should I start doing it when commuting for example.
but of course still doing my listening and reading here on lingq?

Do get some audio that you can kind of understand, either lessons from lingq that you’ve already read or easy podcasts

I agree with ftornay on this one.

For your other question, to me, I think your 10K is a good mark. I think I started around 13 or 15. I think it was after I hit advanced on Lingq which was 12,500 at the time. It was a little after that methinks.

thanks, I now have a target in mind of when I will start watching Spanish content to improve listening skills.

You’ve gotten some good advice in this thread, I think. This is a really interesting question for me, too. My Korean is getting to be at a decent Intermediate level (I think; I’m not always sure how to judge my own ability). I can chat with people pretty comfortably about general topics and pretty easily understand simple content. Real-world content (like podcasts) is more difficult, but with effort I can usually pick up bits here and there and know at least what they’re talking about. TV and movies, however, are impossible. There is so much slang and the dialogue is so fast I am lucky if I recognize a word or phrase here and there.

That being said, I do still watch some Korean movies and TV. But I don’t count it as studying. It’s more just for exposure to Korean pop culture and to keep the ultimate goal in mind. I don’t let myself get frustrated with understanding so little. I know that understanding movies without subtitles will be the last thing to come, and depending on how far I take my study, it may not come for a very long time.

Yeah, but just use it as a ball bark. I wanted to see the senoritas and get more use out of netflix. However, I’d still be doing more listening and reading on LingQ if it weren’t for LingQ stopping their support for older iPad apps.

I actualy use this method to learn Korean language by watching Korean series with english subtitles. But it doesn’t work for me because I always focus on reading not listening

Hi. I agree with the others, it seems like a good idea. Perhaps, as someone mentioned before, you could get more benefits by using Spanish subtitles as well. In my case I’ve been trying podcasts and movies with french subtitles since I had less than 5k words. Maybe it’s easier for me because is more related to Spanish, I don’t know. My goal obviously is not to undestand 100% of the content but rather to notice the flow, certain patterns, get used to the real speed at which the language is spoken and so forth. My main learning is here at Lingq with podcasts though. I should add that even though I undertand almost completely every Steve’s podcast in English, I still have many gaps when I watch movies/series. I think it’s normal, so just keep doing what you enjoy and that may help you, at least providing variety into your learning. Good luck!

All that will do is help you translate your target language in your head and cause output problems. Much better idea to do it with Spanish subtitles.

I am almost exclusively learning Korean from Korean dramas… when I can get my hands on both english and Korean subs.
BUT, tv shows are something of the toughest things to really understand… so be patient!