Watching the moonlanding

Hi Helen, am I mistaken, or did you accidentally add the sound to ‘watching the moonlanding’ to the episode about Granny Dunwich?

Oops! Well spotted Nicole!

I shall sort it out after lunch.

Thank you! I will delete my item for now and get the new version as soon as it is in the library again!

I have uploaded the correct file and added a few more installments to “May Contain Traces of Dodo”. There should be 26 installments by the end of the week.

Let me know what you think of the sound quality. I’ve bought a new microphone but there are still some crackles that I can’t get rid of.

That was fast! And I am so glad you posted even more. Yesterday somehow I got some items that weren’t even in the library yet, but now they are there and with audio too. The sound has some surface noise, but your voice is very clear. It seems as if it is the ventilator of the computer that makes the noise, could that be?

The computer is certainly noisy. My husband’s computer is quieter, on the other hand it is in the sitting room which is very rarely quiet.

I have considered putting a cardboard box over my head while recording, but then I wouldn’t be able to read the screen! :slight_smile:

Oh, don’t do that! It would be even weirder than stroking a dodo while skyping…:wink:

Helen, if you do that, please take a photo! We could start up a gallery called: “crazy for LingQ”!!!
Just joking, to start the day…

That’s not a bad idea!

I have been dreaming up some advertising catchphrases for LingQ. Some photos on LingQ’s facebook or somewhere might help raise the profile (or lower the tone :wink: )

O, wow, the cavemancharlie website has a message in Dutch on it, inviting me to come check it out when it is all done… Good one, I sure will!

Eh? There is nothing in Dutch on the blog, and it isn’t a work in progress, it’s up and running. It sounds like an error message from your server?

Caveman Charlie’s blog is in fact the (real) blog of my (real) husband. It is far more popular than my blog, as he keeps reminding me!

Oh, wait a minute, the link in the lesson isn’t a real link…

My husband’s real blog is On my blog I have a link to it - but you aren’t looking at the blog, are you?

This is what has happened: the blog name I give in the text is made up, and some domain name entrepreneur has picked it up and registered it. Well, if they’ve spent money registering one of my jokes I’d say the joke’s on them!

Yes, it is funny how some people will try to make a profit out of just about anything. I have been to your blog now (hadn’t been there in a while), visited your husbands blog briefly and got back to your blog using a link on his page. Quite the adventure for someone who has only had internet at home since February!