Watching Chinese movies with English subtitles

I wonder how u do it.

If I focus only on the reading the speaking becomes just a background noise.
That’s why I always focused mainly on the speaking and just survey the written words. I feel if I focus too much on the reading, I will not make any connections between the spoken and the written word.
That way though, I am often not getting the whole meaning of the sentence.

How is it with you? Any experience?

I’m a native Chinese speaker.The best way to improve your listening is to listen more.There are too many movies TV series and shows for you to choose.I think everyone will have the same problem when they are learning other languages.I’m learning English now and I can’t get the meaning when the speaking is too fast.Practicing more and good luck!

You don’t. Focus on learning enough characters to read subtitles that way. You won’t know all the subtitles at the beginning, but it’s still a great way to practice. Don’t worry about not understanding everything. Just enjoy the visuals and sound.

Watching with translated subs is possibly not the best approach, imo.

Suggest just watch the movie as intended for a native audience - or - watch movies and tv shows with real time editable Chinese character subtitles, and, at the same time use a real time online dictionary, to check words/phrases you don’t know as you go along.

For example →

1- get zhongwen for chrome, or similar
2- sign up at a site like
3- use the subtitle edit link for movies or shows you like
4- focus on movies and tv shows that have editable transcripts with traditional or simplified characters (select these options)
5- play the movie
6- then, if you want to check a word or phrase during the movie - click the movie play screen to pause it, then, mouse over the corresponding translation with zhongwen running (or whatever mouseover reader you prefer to use)

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Wow, this is great advice. Thanks a lot. Do you have any suggestions for series with completed Chinese subtitles? A lot on viki seem lacking.

Depends what you like - you do have to dig around a little if you aren’t on a translating team - for an example link below.

Generally, just select translation from simplified/traditional to simplified/traditional/English/Korean etc - whatever is most complete. Then click both the “episode” and the “part” that you want. If it is fully complete and locked you will need to ask for special edit permission. The example below works for simplified to simplified for all the listed episodes with no special permission, as an example.

The cool step is to get on a translating team for a show you like and help a little with translations - and then you also get in on all the transcripts.

Try Los Movies:
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