Wasn't counting new LingQs and lost 66 day steak !?!?!?

The system didn’t count any of the new LingQs and just simply timed out of the 24 hours window. I lost my 66 day streak!.. I created so many LinQs today. Also, I had over 11K in coins, and a notification came up saying repair your streak for 5000 coin. I said of course no problem. I clicked the repair button and it said "sorry you dont have enough coins. :o !! I looked up at my coins and it said that I only have 1.5k coins. What happened to my 11k worth or coins !!!


Same for me, new lingQ are not being created and total count is not being updated…

I am having the same problem myself. I thought it was the bad weather here as that can effect the 4g network. But there does seem to be a problem with it.

Also a big thing for me, it doesn’t count words read.


Same here, none of the individual stats appear to be updating, (lingqs, lingqs learned, words read etc), albeit my overall known words is keeping track. I’m on a 292 day streak so hoping that won’t be lost!


Well hopefully they’ll fix it

It didn’t count my score yesterday, either. I lost my streak, it swallowed my 5000 coins when I tried to repair it and said: " That’s tasty! Can you give me some more?", and … suprisingly today is exactly the same day as yesterday. How long is it going to last?

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The same problem. No new LingQs today.


Same issue here, doesnt count new Lingqs. One of 3 streaks already lost, let‘s hope they can fix the issue.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

The web-algorithm is not working today - also
How can I repair my streak and do my daily goal today?

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I have a 562 day streak, which I hope I don’t lose!! Nothing is counting on my iPad or the web right now.

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Same thing for me.

Same here, it told me I’ve completed my daily goal, but it shows 0 lingq on the main page. What’s interesting, the apple briefly flashes green upon reloading, with the updated number of lingq (I did a few more to test), but then it goes back to 0. I hope it means that the number is saved on the server, and it’s just the client that is malfunctioning?

The same issue from 12 hours ago to now. I have a 106 days streak in English and Japanese.

I am having the same problem. While working on a lesson I can create Lingqs and the system tells me I’ve reached my goal, the streak is also updated. But when I leave the lesson, I’m back to zero Lingqs and the streak is set back.

The same problem. Lingq doesn`t count any activity.

Same here , no lings count is working; no listening and words reads counts are working. I am in the danger of losing my streak. Schade!

Sorry everyone!
We’ve identified the database issue which will require some additional fixes over the next few days or so. In the meantime, we have implemented a workaround that should allow you all to keep using LingQ. Some of the statistics may be affected at least in terms of the information displayed. All your work will be tracked properly on the back end and once we have completed our fixes will be shown correctly and be retroactively made up to date.
No streak activity or site activity will be lost. In the meantime, you should be able to use the web and mobile apps again as usual.

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Same for me. I cannot count new LingQs nor listening time any more . If this problem is not improved today, I will lose my streak activity. Please resolve this problem as soon as possible.

The glitch took 11k worth of coins, so activity lost. Can I get that back?

@jcnight We can’t add back coins, but since coins are used for repairing streaks, we will gladly repair the streak for you anytime you need it.