War and Peace in Russian from Oxfam

i really must stop buying resources that are way over my head. Today I couldn’t resist the lure of our local Oxfam. I bought yet another Arabic Pocket Dictionary and War and Peace in Russian in four volumes, for £4.99. I just had to buy them. If there is anyone who could use the books better than I, please let me know and I’ll see how to get them to you.

Printed in Moscow in 1962, hardback, with some lovely black and white plates and some, no doubt, useful footnotes. The books came out as part of “Библиотека исторического романа”

Edited for a) not having put anything into the post at first and b) correcting my вкуфвагд, sorry, dreadful Russian spelling.

Ah geez, do I know that feeling. I’m still wondering why I have all these Chinese method books and a Hebrew dictionary. I almost bought an Assimil Occitan once. :confused:

It’s like you see a price, then you start asking yourself about learning the language, then you buy the book, then it’s too late!

On music forums we talk about GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. There has got to be a language learning equivalent.

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@Sanne @David

Believe it or not I once bought a copy of a Deon Meyer book in the original Afrikaans…! (I can even understand about 35% of it!)