Want to learn English? I want to help!

Hello everyone,

I am interested in helping you learn English! I am an American and have a year of formal teaching experience from teaching English as a second language. I would be delighted to help you learn this useful, albeit difficult language!

Hi Lucretius, I would like to learn speak english. I’m from Brazil.

I would like to use your help. I’m from Brazil too.

are you interested in open a class?

I don’t know how this works. May I have to pay you? I noticed you learn korean. I can not help you at Korean. You gonna be my tutor?

Hi guys, thanks for your interest! I actually need to clarify the process myself with the guys at LingQ because I am unsure of the set-up. I will get it figured out this week hopefully.

It will be very interesting if we can talk in skype, no problem if I have to pay. thanks

So, from what I’ve found it looks like we will agree on a time, then you have to sign up for that slot of time on this website (It will show that I am available at that specific time). This week is no good for me, as I am getting laser eye surgery on Saturday and will be out of commission for the week recovering. However, after that I am free to tutor. I think we have quite the time zone difference as I am currently living in South Korea - fortunately I wake up pretty early over here. Let me know what works well for you.

Good lock with your surgery.

I thought I had posted here, but apparently I did not. Sorry for the long delay. My surgery went well, and I can see very clearly now! Let me know what times work well for you guys and I will try to set something up!

That’s a great news Lucretius!

Please add me on skype: rui.felipe


Nice, now we can talk. I don’t know how to schedule a conversation with you because we have different time zone. It´s better you schedule and we try to join you.

hello Lucretius, nice to meet you. i’m chinh i’m from vietnam.
i am very happy to make friend with you. i’m learning english, so i want to have many friends from all over the world. i’m very happy if you are possible, my skype is :chinhchinh and you?
thank you very much.

hello lucretius! please add me at skype faisal.khan9182

Yellow I’m Benjamin from Taiwan speak Chinese Russian and English . Like to meet new friends and also help each other improved the language ability . Feel welcome to add me on Skype:yang.chengpei

so help me wıth spoken englısh and gıve me clues for teachıng englısh because ı am an englısh teacher:)

help mee:)

guimorais94 add me at skype

guimorais94 add me at skype =]

Hello, I want to improve my english, I really need to learn english very well
could you please give me your skype Id? I appreciate it if you help me in english