Want english, give german!

I want to talk a with somebody a little bit in english. I need it for my job and i have to be better.
So, my skype name is WestMachete and i can help you in german.
Contact me!
Nice greetings from germany.

Cool! I’m learning German, and am a native English speaker. I’ll add you on Skype so we can talk!

I’m learning German too, I’ll add you…

I’m interested too.

Seems to no longer be a member. But it was a good language-exchange-title on the tread, a school example!

Ah nuts. So far haven’t really had a chance to practice a foreign language with anybody and memorization is so boring, impractical, and lacks feedback. Oh well. Still have 2 months before my points expire.

I think your avatar is a bit scary. I might talk to you later.

If you want to use up points, a good idea is to book a tutor. That’ll take care of 500 points a go! :slight_smile:

I have a goatee now. I guess I should update it.

Oh, that’s an option! Xie xie, spasiba, danke schon, gracias, arigato, Cam uhn!