Wall messages

Perhaps it is too late at night for me, but I am stumped: the wall messages I had received over the years have vanished. All I see on my Profile page are the messages I sent to others, but as it doesn’t show to whom, this setting isn’t exactly useful…

I think the important changes are great - ie the language learning related ones - but I also would like the soft changes to make sense.

Thank you!

We’ve temporarily disabled the Friends section as we work on optimizing it and on fixing some issues that appeared during our launch yesterday. All the old wall posts are still in our system, don’t worry, and we’ll spend some time refining the finer points of the wall functionality.

Thank you!

Yes, it is a bit strange why old posts you posted appear but not those posted on your wall. We’ll get this sorted out!

Thanks for re-instating the old messages. Curiously enough I now have a message - dated 31 August - from a spammer. Can’t remember seeing that one before…

I want to add that I want to be able to delete posts from other members that appears on my wall.

Also, it seems that email notifications are not being received for wall posts.

Thanks Peter.

I also would like to be able to delete posts from other members on my wall.

How can I delete spam on my wall?

Alenika, sorry for the nuisance.

If you receive spam just give us the account name of the spammer and we will deal with it since it will not only be on your wall.

It is best not put their URL here on the forum and it would be great if you could edit your post to remove it.