It’s frustrating that they won’t give any insight on when the new languages will be added.


6 days ago they said 2 new languages would be released in a “few days” My guess is that sometime in the next week or so they will come out and say that they will release something this Summer. That seems to follow their pattern over the past 2+years

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@ricedj1 Please stop spamming on the forum with same ridiculous messages.


One of the reasons companies have release dates is to avoid aggravating their customers. Next time have a release date and stick to it. Just a suggestion from a third-party observer. I’m waiting for Urdu, so it makes no difference to me when you announce Urdu isn’t one of the new languages.


Well, they have Persian and Arabic in their already available languages. Since Urdu follows the similar script it should not be a huge problem to include it.

Readlang offers Urdu it has better interface. But I am not sure how good it is to import ebooks and such.

LingQ offers import extension so if you want to use bollywood movies from Netflix to learn spoken form of the language it has a clear advantage.


I’m personally not affected by this, though new languages are always cool. Nonetheless, with its release strategy LingQ is just unprofessional. Just choose a doable date and then announce which language you release and just stick to it. would recommend announce all languages that are ready to be released and then stop this for this year. There are already too many languages that are in Beta but poorly supported.


So now calling out your lies, and I can’t think of any other word to describe you personally promising to release new languages at least 5 times over the past 2 years, is a ridiculous message. You keep promising to release them but as of this morning you still have not. Try spending some time fixing your company and quit making empty promises to your customers.