Würzburg attack - the nightmare (still) continues

Apparently this piece of Abschaum entered Germany as a child refugee from Afghanistan. His singular method of expressing friendly thankfulness to the German government and people was to get on a train near Würzburg (a city that I happen to know very well) and shout “Allahu Akbar” before viciously attacking travellers with an axe and knife.

Thankfully the police nailed the bastard before he could do too much damage. I hope they got him right between the eyes with a single shot, because human filth like this aren’t worth more than one round.

Ik ben het honderd procent met je eens.

Germany needs to stop making political actions based on guilt. The police there will raid homes that house political dissent regarding the democratic party and refugee event status.

Thank God he didn’t have a gun.

Allerdings. Aber ich fürchte, dies wird nicht der letzte IS-style-Angriff sein. Früher oder später wird ein Spinner mit einer Schusswaffe oder einer Bombe (oder mit Giftgas oder was-weiß-ich) in ein Zug einsteigen.

Und ausgerechnet in Würzburg! Dieses Mal hätte der Arsch sogar einen Freund oder Bekannten von mir treffen können. :frowning:


It seems that the police have found an IS flag in this individual’s rooms - so there wouldn’t seem to be too much doubt about his political motivations.

Something that would almost be funny (if the whole wretched thing were not so serious) is the desperate way that the German media are trying to minimise this guy’s links to Islamic terrorism - trying, as it were, implicitly to re-brand him as an “Amokläufer” rather than a “Terrorist”.

E.g. Würzburg: Wann ist ein Terrorist ein Terrorist? - DER SPIEGEL

The guy has, according to BBC reports, even appeared in Islamic State propaganda videos!

But no worry folks - he isn’t a “terrorist”. Nope, not in the least. The leftwing political establishment in Germany has NOT let in a terrorist, you understand. No, they have NOT - and only a “Rechtspopulist” would ever suggest such a thing.

Why, he was merely a troubled young man who decided to do a spot of “Amoklauf-ing” on a fine summer’s evening…

" as it were, implicitly to re-brand him as an “Amokläufer” rather than a “Terrorist”. "

Completely agree