Vosotros - can it be turned off in the Spanish lessons?

When I travel to a Spanish-speaking country, it is always in Latin America, never Spain. I would like to take Spanish lessons that do not include vosotros. Is this possible?


Sorry but there is no filtering available for that at the moment.

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But what is wrong with vosotros?


Maybe the confusion he gets because in Latin America we don’t use “vosotros” nor some suffixes, for example, instead of “estaréis”, we say “estaremos”. Spain Spanish or “Castellano” and Latin America Spanish have some differences that makes them unique and can create confusion for a Spanish learner. Even movies, books and series gives the distinction between them. There should be two versions of Spanish on LingQ, one with Mexico Spanish with Mexico flag, which is the standard to say “Latin America Spanish”, without “vosotros” and their suffixes, or at least clarify that the official lessons are in Spain Spanish or “Castellano”.


This would be great, I would choose to just go with the Latin American Spanish. I always choose it when the option is available.

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I wonder if that would not go too far. Many languages have these kinds of distinctions. e.g. British vs USA English (not even considering all the other variants), Netherlands Dutch vs Belgian Dutch are just two that come to mind.

I think as a learner you can either isolate to one variant or focus on the language as a whole first and then focus on the regional differences later. It does not make sense to me, to make separate languages for all these variants

I mean, will a mexican person not understand you if you use “vosotros”? Without knowing Spanish, I would hazard that they would understand you. Maybe it would be considered strange, but again (without knowing Spanish, but just by looking at the meaning of the word) if you are not aware of this difference, you are probably making a lot more mistakes in any case?

I would think that as you continue to progress in the language and continue to work on your mistakes, you will naturally gravitate towards a certain regional variant by focussing on certain type of movies/books or the environment you are effectively using the language in.

I think Steve had a video on this a while ago.


Have you tried the sort feature in the library?

There is a filter function on the right-hand side.
Select “Courses”, Content Type “LingQ” and then Accent “Latin American”.
The mini stories and much of the starter content under “Guided Courses” is already available in both European and Latin American versions.
Btw. here is Steve’s (video) response:


Assuming you mean the official mini stories etc. then you can do the Latin American variant which uses the forms you’re more familiar with. Otherwise many of the courses are also marked as either Spanish from Spain or Latin America.

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