Volume too low to hear

The volume of many lessons is too low despite my having put the computer volume up to max. Any suggestions please?

@PennyLane - Would you be able to provide links to some of these lessons so we can take a closer look?

Er…not very computer literate, sorry.

@PennyLane - No problem. You mentioned some issues with the audio level in certain lessons. Please open one of these lessons, copy the URL from the address bar at the top, then paste it here in the forum.

OK thanks Alex. Here is one example. It is virtually unusable unless I put my computer volume up to max and press my ear to the speaker. My Lessons > Português Europeu - Iniciação - Vocabulário Básico > A pronúncia de “r”

Hi PennyLane
I’ll record that lesson again, you’re right, it’s very low. Do any other lessons I provided have the same problem? It would be very kind of you if you could give me the exact lessons.


Recording done. Can you check now, please?

Fernanda - muito obrigada. The volume esta bem agora. There were other lessons that I had a problem with and I will go through tonight when I have more time and let you know which ones. Thanks again for helping so quickly. I am just starting Portuguese so it’s really useful to listen to a native speaker, even if, at this stage, I understand the spoken language very poorly. I am going to Portugal for four months next December and I want to be able to make friends.

Hi PennyLane.
I have quite simple lessons in the library:

Let me know if you need any particular lesson.

You’ll surely make friends when you come to Portugal. :slight_smile:

Thanks Fernanda. I have looked at these lessons and they are just what I need. The level is fine for me. I will listen to them over and over because obviously in fluent Portuguese there are parts of the words that seem “missed out” to my ear. So I need to train myself to recognise the spoken word which is slightly different from the way it’s written. I’m much better when I see a sentence written down at the moment so I’ve got to put some work in to be able to understand people.

I’ll let you know when I upload more lessons on pronunciation.