Voice over and Furigana/romaji dont match WRONG

Hey guys this is driving me nuts. How can this be a thing on this website? I just joined the site and im going over the basic stories of the beginner lesson, and they have these kind of mistakes all over the place. Why it says “Hito” instead of “Ichi” !!! On a different lesson there is also a part where there is “6 o clock” right? and the furigana says “Mutsu ji” instead of “roku ji” wtf?! hahaha… I Joined this site mainly for reading practice… but if the site has this wrong, what else does it have wrong? This is so dangerous for beginners. Idk… I mean i bet this topic has come up before… whats the general consensus on the matter here?

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Sorry to hear that and thanks for your feedback! Do you have problem with TTS words pronunciation too, since you mentioned voice over in the thread title, or are all issues related to Hiragana script? We will look into that.

these sorts of things have been reported for years

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This is shocking to hear…

The voice over is fine. The only problem is the furigana and romaji scripts. I have only been able to notice it with numbers… im not advance enough to tell what other places the furigana might be wrong, and thats whats scares me… I came into this website, and i was really to sign up for a subscription. But I cant do it, knowing there is mistakes like that all over the place. It must get fixed.

Yeah, the automatic furigana is basically useless in its current form. Better to keep it turned off imho.

the problem is that is not only the furigana, is also the romaji. then how am i supposed to read it properly, if everything but the kanji and the voice are correct? Sure i can just listen to the voice saying it properly, but that means i always need to be on the look out, trying to catch mistakes in the furigana/romaji, making reading practice hell.

We are familiar with the issues related to Romaji/Hiragana, and that’s something we are working on to improve.

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Yes, the romaji is the same as the furigana. You need to highlight the word and check the dictionary to get the correct reading.
Lingq is a great tool for Japanese as long as you don’t use the automatic reading feature. With all its irregular readings, Japanese is a difficult language to automate. I use google maps in Japan, and even it messes up readings of place names from time to time.

Also since the romaji is faulty, you need to be able to read hiragana/katakana before starting lingq.

I know hiragana and katakana like the palm of my hand. : D Point was that they are both wrong anyways, so I cant even check the romaji as a back up plan, in case the kana is wrong.

Great! Then you’ll be able to easily confirm the reading by highlighting the word. Did my explanation above make sense?

Yes, and another thing that drives me crazy is when you play the audio it says the number or letter of the sentence really really fast so it sounds like some bizarre word that starts the sentence.