Vocaburaly section


In the vocabulary section, I’ve selected 25 words to show. When I take any type of tests, it seems that the 25 words always appear. I’ve saved about 200 words now. Is there a way to change the words that appear in the tests?

Thank you.

Yes :slight_smile:

On the Vocabulary page, you can change the “Show” setting if you would like to review more words at a time. Keep in mind that if you are viewing the Daily LingQs list there may only be 25 terms. You can see the number of terms right next to the “Show” setting.

In addition, you can filter which LingQs appear by using the filters on the right. For example, you can filter out LingQs of a certain status (say, for example, you only want to review LingQs that are Status 1 and 2), and you can also adjust the Sort so it shows your LingQs in a different order.

Let us know if you have any additional questions on this!

I see. Thanks!