sometimes I have words without “hint” and “examples” - that happened from time to time.

Now with the changed system I can never look for an examples in the way I did before. When I follow one example this >> sign to an item and come back with the blue arrow (windows internet explorer) - I have never the vocabulary box.

I’m sorry, Irene, but I really don’t understand what you mean. Can you send me an email with a screen shot?

I think it’s about editing a LingQ in the vocabulary section, and following the [»] link in “Examples from your Workdesk” - copying the necessary phrase and going back one step in the browser doesn’t take you to the LingQ you edited (i.e. the “vocabulary box”), but simply page 1.

For this [»], my suggestion is to right-click and open in a new window, in order to keep the original window/vocabulary/whatever.

This is really the same problem I mentioned in another thread (short version: if I find that I should edit a LingQ in the middle of the 25 flashcards and then back-browse I have to go through the deck of cards again - not necessarily a bad thing though, but it was a lot easier with the floating widget).

Now, I get it! This is a problem in Internet Explorer. This doesn’t happen in Firefox. Apparently, Firefox can remember what you were looking at on a previous page and Internet Explorer cannot. There isn’t much we can do about this issue. If we reintroduce the widget to the flashcard page that issue will be solved but we won’t be able to show the original LingQ in the WorkDesk if you’ve left to follow an example. I don’t believe that this would have worked before, did it? (In Internet Explorer)

Ah…but I think we remembered the word in the widget when we took you off to the examples which we don’t do anymore. I will find out why.

The LingQ in the Workdesk wasn’t active before (either) when you went back from the example (and to go around that problem I “right-click”, and “open in new window” - which I even suggested back then).

sorry, my fault - I remember now (an older brain is sometimes how a sieve).

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add that to our wishlist!