Vocabulary "User Hints" is a mess

The vocabulary View Dictionary “user hints” are becoming full of useless entries. Why are people adding “ignore” as a hint, while there are other ways to remove these words from their lists if they choose? Some hints have many “ignore” entries, as the function which used to combine duplicate entries, seems to no longer work. I’m getting pretty tired of clicking on a word and seeing the top one or two hints come up as “ignore”, then having to go to the full selection and see many other “relevant” choices. Also, there are many entries that are a different language than the user vocabulary selection. I’m pretty sure that simply changing the flag of the country, to the same as the hint language, will send it to the proper dictionary, and help clean up the mess.
These concerns are not primarily the fault of the site or administrators, but of sloppy, careless and hurried language learners. Don’t make it any more difficult or time consuming for the rest of us that care how this function can help everyone.

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