Vocabulary upload example / description

Howdy! New user here.

I had tried the older version of lingq a while ago, and I must say the newer version of lingq is getting much more intuitive. There are a number of things that would be helpful though, but just one for now…

Can you either provide a downloadable example .csv for the vocabulary import, or define what the fields are supposed to be a bit? They are quite vague given field name only.

Please reach me on support(at)lingq.com and I will provide you with an example file. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Zoran! I did figure it out after exporting some words, and then looking at the exported file as an example. My comment was more from a newbie user usability point of view - it could have been straight forward with just some field examples.

|term| phrase| tag1| tag2| meaninglanguage1| meaning1 |meaninglanguage2 | meaning2 |
|零 | | | |zh-cn| zero| | |

or something like

term - the word written in the target language
phrase - an example sentence using the term
tag1 - ?
tag2 - ?
meaninglanguage1 - the ISO language code for the term
meaning1 - the translated meaning of the term 
meaninglanguage2 - ? secondary ISO?
meaning2 - ? secondary language meaning?

As a creator-of-startups myself, I have some other suggestions, but I am sure you get heaps of them already. I don’t want to seem ungrateful or annoying. If I wanted to make a few usability suggestions, is this the right place to put them?


You can reach us on support(at)lingq.com for any suggestion and feedback you have. :slight_smile:

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