Vocabulary Reviewing Tool

The LingQ system is very usefull at learning vocabulary, but it isn’t when you don’t want to forget it. It’s more obvious when you’re learning up to three languages at the same time, which is my situation.

So I wonder why we don’t use the Leitner Cardfile System.

Hi Ruan,
I learned known this system when I learned with a special software (there I had to write all words in).

I agree, that could be better than to have the same order each day up to the time they have status 4.

This system in combination with LingQ - that would be the best solution!

I think it is not only for learning more languages to the same time!

We will be revising the Vocabulary section. We are open to suggestions.

Some that we have received or are considering include the following, going from memory. All suggestions welcome. Not all ideas will be implemented and certainly not right away.

  1. A SR (Spaced Repetition) system like Leitner’s

  2. The ability to scramble or reverse the order of words in a list

  3. Moving all Status 4 (Known words) to a separate list

  4. Attaching short (3 seconds or so) sound clips captured from the text to each saved LingQ (will take a little longer to implement)

  5. The ability to exchange vocabulary lists with other learners

  6. Ability to manually change Importance (may not be needed)

  7. Ability to drag and drop Tags from pre-defined list of tags.

A spaced repetition system would be great - another interesting feature would be to be able to import a list (either separated by tab or semicolon) in case people have their own wordlists (e.g. a personal list from A to Z.

An exported list from another SRS program could be very useful if you would like to save the words in the LingQ system (although you would have to re-learn them). If you have saved 100 words in another program then it is no big deal entering them again, but what if you have a list of several hundreds, maybe thousands of words. Each known word makes the texts easier to read, and it is also easier to choose a new text (not as many “new words”).

Just a thought.

By the way, Merry Christmas, LingQ crew and members!

import and export of vocab would be good. with date range on export. then I could integrate with my existing vocab learning workflow.

an public API would be ideal - for vocab and content.