Vocabulary review, known words

Hey all! I’ve really hit the flow of using LingQ to read through texts. I’m using it pretty much every day, and loving it.

One thing I’m not particularly clear on, is how vocabulary review works. My main question is: Will LingQ automatically update how well I know a given word based on how I’ve performed in quizzes, or am I supposed to update my confidence (1-4, or known) with the word manually every time I answer a “flash-card” style question?

I’m a beginner in French and have digested a lot of vocabulary, but still wouldn’t say I “know” everything, but while it’s pretty easy for me to make an estimate 1-4 of how well I know a word when I encounter it for the first time on LingQ, it’s a lot harder for me to tell whether or not I know it “one notch better than I did before” after doing a vocabulary quiz, which leads me to never actually update the score in quizzes.

I’d like to track my progress as I pick up more and more vocabulary, so wanted to check in!

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Yes, a word status will increase automatically +1 if you guess it correctly twice in a row during the review, or decrease -1 if you guess it wrong twice. You can, of course, manually update the status of words if you feel you should change it.


Thanks so much! That’s what I was hoping.

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