Vocabulary review at a course level

Is there a way to review vocabulary from an entire course rather than selecting a lesson? For example, when I import a book it becomes a course and each chapter becomes a lesson (or where LingQ automatically divides a book into lessons). In the vocabulary review section I can select a lesson to review but not an entire course.
I’d find it useful, after reading an entire book, to have the option to review the book’s vocabulary rather than selecting each chapter or lesson within the book.
Cheers, Max

I’m afraid that’s not possible but good suggestion. We’ll keep that in mind for future improvements.

I would like to second this as a desired option - modifying the “Lesson” filter to include courses or adding a second “Course” filter could be a logical place for it and it would be a great way to streamline the way I am currently using LingQ (reviewing a language after 4 years of not using it) / think it would be helpful for people using the “extensive reading” approach.


Th is is a good suggestion and perhaps in time something we can implement. (I don’t know). However, don’t forget that you can sort your vocabulary by Creation Date and review the most recently created LingQs. Not quite the same, but might be useful.

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This basically gets me exactly what I was looking for - Thanks!

Hope your Korean studies are going well. Just started using LingQ again about a two weeks ago (used it a long time ago) to try to get back up to speed with Korean myself… forgot much more than I thought so going to take a bit longer than I had hoped to get back where I was >.<. But I am enjoying all the podcasts your users have uploaded - If you have any favorites on history I would be interested, but not trying to steal this thread.

Thanks again,