Vocabulary page - filter box suggestion

I’ve started using the Vocab page more and even (!) flashcards in a concerted effort to move most of my LingQs to status “known”.
When you open up the vocab page, the filter has all four statuses selected. As I have LingQs at different levels (I use them as work “buckets” rather than how well I know them), I need to be able to switch quickly between the levels. But to achieve this at the moment takes time as the page refreshes each time you select/unselect a single item. Thus to go from all four selected to only one selected involves three separate processes of deselection. It’s a little annoying.

What would be better is to have a button to save your changes, once you’ve made your selections, instead of the constant refreshing. Is this something that could be looked at?

Iunderstand nothing

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re unlikely to change this, as it would add an extra click to every action on the sidebar (including the sorting options).
However, if you click fast enough, you can check/uncheck multiple statuses before the page loads.

@Alex “… if you click fast enough, you can…”

That will work only in Chrome.
In Firefox you must wait after checking/unchecking.

Ah, fair point hape. Thanks!

Best start using Chrome then… thanks guys.