Vocabulary Page Bug: Can no longer change number of "Rows" per page

It used to be possible to select how many “rows” of vocabulary are displayed on the vocabulary page. The default was (I think) 25 rows, and other options up to 200 were selectable from a drop-down list. That drop down list is still there (on the top right hand side of the list of rows) but there are no values in it, so it is not possible to show anything other than 25 rows of vocab per page. This is really inconvenient when wanting to perform “bulk operations” on many rows.

I don’t do the vocabulary rows often, but when i do, I use 200 at a time-- 25 at a time will be more time consuming. Hope that gets fixed.

I have no difficulty selecting the number of rows up to 200. Nothing on the vocab page has changed for me.

It is working now. For a while it never showed the menu options, but after a while it started to show them again. It seems that LingQ internally was waiting forever for some external site bringing back some statistics (I forget the name of the site - something to do with a “score” I think) and that statistics site appeared to never return. So the blame probably lay with the external site that lingq uses rather than lingq itself.

Anyway, now that it is all working I was able to export all my vocabulary out of lingq. It took a while (with the 200-word-at-a-time limit) but at least it was achievable.

Anthony, the main driver of the present changes was to try to make the site less daunting for newcomers. However, we don’t want to annoy our regulars either. We will fix the bugs first, and then address basic design issues that have been raised. in the end we want everyone to be happy, or at least not unhappy, or too unhappy! We have different users with different needs, and tastes and ways of doing things.

Steve, I understand completely that you need to attract new users, and keep lots of people happy. The loss of me as a user is trivial in the grand scheme of things. I think it is a great site, with a lot of potential.

The loss of you would not be trivial! I hope you stick around. Again I apologize for the interruption to the service on this changeover. I don’t understand all the technical issues but it had mostly to do with a bug on migrating data.