Vocabulary import is incredibly slow

I imported a fifty line .CSV file, and it has not completed after 30 minutes. Is this normal?

@kkruecke - No, it shouldn’t take nearly that long. Perhaps something got stuck. Would you be able to try importing it again? The importer will skip over any terms that already exist in your database.

Well, I canceled the prior import and retried it, and the “Importing …” animation is still displaying after two minutes. The file is less than 200 lines long.

I assume the operating system is not a factor(I’m on Ubunut). I believe Linux line endings are different than Windows. Is that going to matter? Do I need to first run dos2unix on the file first?

Also, is this CSV format acceptable?

foreign-language-word1-here, meaning one here, meaning two here
foreign-language-word2-here, meaning one here, meaning two here

I don’t have phrases illstrating the terms use in a sentence.

@kkruecke - Would you be able to email the file to support (at) lingq.com so we can take a closer look into this? I’m not familiar with Ubuntu but a copy of the file itself should help in figuring out what may be causing this.

Yes, I 'll do that now. Thanks for the prompt reply.

@kkruecke - Thanks for sending over the file. As you guessed above, it looks like this is happening because the formatting isn’t correct. The correct format is:

term, meaning one; meaning two; meaning three, phrase
“term”,“meaning one, meaning two, meaning three”,“phrase”

If the phrase is blank the words should still import correctly, but the hints should all be in the second section.

Ok, I think I get it. I’ll try one of those two formats. Just so I understand. The quote marks are required in the second option–correct? That is, if I use only commas, then I also need quotes to distinguish the term from its meanings and from an optionally phrase?

@kkruecke - As far as I know this is correct. If you notice any issues still be sure to let us know!

@alex Thanks for your help. Changing the format to
term, meaning one; meaning two; meaning three, phrase
worked great!

@kkruecke - Great, glad to hear it!