Vocabulary: hint, add a term, add a list of terms


I have just started to use LingQ (I’m learning Portuguese).

Have a question about when I have LingQ:d a word. What should I write in “Hint”? The direct translation of the word into English? Or something else?

Also, what is “Add a term” and “Add a list of terms”?


You can add any information: the direct translation, an explanation of the word et.c. I usually add the translation (and occasionally don’t add anything, if I feel that the meaning is obvious but I nevertheless want to save the word/expression).

You don’t have to add LingQs from an opened “item” - in fact, you can add anything in the vocabulary section (words you hear on radio, see in the newspaper et.c.) either word-by-word or several words at a time (i.e. “a list of terms”).

Hope it helps.

Thanks Jeff, that pretty well sums it up. I always cut and paste one or two words from the dictionary translation. I will occasionally add in the infinitive of the verb, or the standard form of a noun in Russian if it is not clear to me, or the gender.

The add a term or add a list are useful if you want to read away from the computer and then come back and add in the words. You still need to click the dictionary to find the Hint, and click on Examples to find a phrase, especially if you have imported the text that you are reading away from the computer.

I used the “list of terms” only once, because I found it not very practical. I believe it would be MUCH more useful if I could add not only the words, but also the hints, examples and tags. Of course, it would require some kind of special sintax… curly braces?
{word} {some explanation or translation} {a phrase here}{tag1 tag2 tag3}

Another way - maybe even easier - separating lingqs by a blank line:

some explanation or translation
a phrase here
tag1 tag2 tag3

some explanation or translation
a phrase here
tag1 tag2 tag3

well, just another suggestion for you long to-do list…

Where are you from, hermesalpha?
Or, better, which is your native language?
I’m brazilian, and I’m having an interesting experience on exchanging recorded readings. If you speak English and is interested, just let me know.


At some point we will definitely improve the import feature but, as you suggest, it is unlikely to be anytime soon.

Hello Ana

I’m Swedish so English is’nt my native language. So maybe you’d prefer someone who is native speaker of English?

Hi, Hermesalpha,
yes, I think a native pronunciation would be better for learning… anyway, thanks for answering. I don’t know your Portuguese level, but I have some material already recorded, if you are interested I could send them to you. Just let me know your email.

Anapaula, hello

I’m just a newbie to Portuguese, have just started to take lessons here in Sweden. That’s nice of you, thanks. Is the material in large files? If not, you can send to this e-mail: hermesalpha@hotmail.com. If it is large, you can instead mail to hermes.alpha@runbox.com. I can recieve attachments of up to 100 MB at runbox.


Is this content something that you can share with everyone at LingQ or is it likely covered by copyright.

Hi, Steve,
unfortunatelly, they are copyrighted, and because of that I haven’t shared them yet. But most have links to public access, since I’m talking about newpapers and magazines articles, available “first chapters” books and so on…