Vocabulary filtering on tags not working

I often use tags to filter vocabulary for review. This does not seem to be functioning. I have been away for about three weeks. When I last used this functionality, three weeks ago, it was working correctly.

It seems to be working, now. There may be an intermittent problem, but I do not know how frequent it is. I will comment here, if I see it, again. I will also comment here, if it seems to happen under a certain order of operations (e.g. selecting “order by” before selecting the tag to filter on, or some such), as well as if there seems to be a work around.

I don’t have a problem getting the list to filter. But if I use a tag by typing it it (not among the blue clickable ones in the filter screen), there doesn’t seem to be a way to clear the filter other than logging off and back on.

Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Can’t you delete it and confirm on the “Apply” button?

There is nothing to delete that is the issue, I type the tag in the input box (because it isn’t listed in the ones in blue), hit the apply button and I get my filtered list with just that tag, but now the entry field is cleared, so there is nothing for me to delete or remove to tell it I don’t want that tag filtered anymore.

I am using Chrome, if that helps

I have the same problem. When I clean the tags window and click Apply, it is still showing the results from the previous search. The only way to start a new search is to reload the page, which is inconvenient since all parameters need to be set up again.

If I type the filter word it won’t work properly for a second (and different word) unless I reload the page. It doesn’t seem to select more than one typed word either… And as I can’t figure out a way to unselect a typed filter word, only by reloading the entire page I can get rid of it…

Hopping on this as I’m experiencing the same issue. When I go the the SRS tab and type in a filter - there does not seem to be any way to remove it other than reloading lingq.