Vocabulary features

I would appreciate that if you (Devs) could make it possible to edit a word or an expression after it has been selected in the text, but before the LingQ is created. It is really important especially for German learners, as you often want to create a LingQ with a word in the Nominative or with an article etc. For example, while in the text the word is “ausgestellt”, I would like to create a LingQ for “ausstellen”, which is an infinitive.

That’s not possible for now, as you have said. But what you can do is to open the Vocabulary tab and use Import Vocabulary button to import a word you want in any form you need it.

You can just put the infinitive in the brackets, e.g.: ausgestellt (ausstellen)
But we all are nowadays too lazy, we would like to have anything prepared for us, we don’t want to do something by ourselves - oh, du liebe Zeit!..

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anything that makes our life easier is better, whether we are lazy or not :wink:
something like this could help speed up the learning process, letting us get to the interesting material sooner