Vocabulary export does not arrive

I am trying to export my vocabulary but the promised email with the CSV file does not arrive. I think others have had a similar problem in the past (“email unsubscribed…”). Does anyone have a fix?

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Please give it another try now, looks like you were unsubscribed from our email system.

No joy unfortunately. I tried a couple of times; a pop-up appeared saying the CSV file would be sent but nothing arrived (I checked “junk mail” folder). I can import data, however, which is probably more important. Is there anything I should check at my end?

Sorry to hear that. Are you still not receiving the file?

That’s correct; a pop-up message says the file will be emailed to me, but nothing arrives. Import of vocabulary works fine.

Can you check your email under the Account Settings page and make sure it’s a correct one?

Yes, it’s definitely the correct email address

Ok, thanks. Our team will investigate the issue.