Vocabulary (English)

Vocabulary feature at the English part of the site works very very slowly. Does anyone else have this problem? Could anything be done to speed it up a bit?

I tested various functions on that page in English and it all went fast. What exactly are you trying to do?

It takes 35 seconds to open Vocabulary after I press the link Login - LingQ
It takes the same amount of time to find any word in the dictionary when I use the “search box” as well.
Is there anything that could be done to speed things up?

It works very fast for me. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

BTW thanks for the Echo Moskvi contents. Keep it coming. That is an inexhaustible source of great Russian content.

I have no problems with this issue. Perhaps it depends from the ammount of vocabulary?

I guess it depends on the amount of LingQs that one has created. I checked I did not have this problem in Russian or Spanish Vocabularies.

Anyway, the problem DOES exist in English Vocabulary.

I have 28,800 words in my Russian vocabulary and have no problems. Strange.

Yes, it is really strange. If nothing could be done right now, it seems that I have to wait until more people will have this problem, so it be more meaningful to bother with…

We have asked one of our programmers to look into it. Give us a few days.

Thank you very much!

@mikola - Your issue with the vocabulary search should be resolved now. It was related to the massive number of LingQs you have created! Nice work!