Vocab csv column headings

Greetings from Geneva. I’m new here and enjoying learning German. Could someone clarify the structure of vocab files for import ? The instructions are: “Label columns as follows: term, phrase, tag1, tag2, hintlanguage1, hint1, hintlanguage2, hint2” - I don’t understand where we put the German and English version of each term: both in column 1?
Thanks, Nigel

Hello @nigello!
To import the CSV file successfully, this is how columns should look:

TERM - Word which you want to import in your study language (in your case German words)
PHRASE - Sentence which include that word
TAG1 -
TAG2 - Here you can add tags for word, for example noun, verb etc… or anything else you need so that you can later filter them out on the Vocabulary page. (tags are optional)
HINTLANGUAGE1 - Your native/dictionary language in which you want to add translation. If you are adding translations in English, add language code “en” in this column.
HINT1 - Translation for a word.
HINTLANGUAGE2 - You can add translation in another language if you want (this is optional)
HINT2 - Translation in that second language (this is optional)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions.

I’m having a hard time importing as well, I have tried the format in the csv when I download the vocabulary as well as this one.

@pyrotikalien Sorry to hear that. Please send us the file you are trying to import to support(at)lingq.com and we will take a look and try to figure out what’s wrong. Thanks!