VOA special English

VOA is one of my favorite source of learning English, and I found a lot of new VOA contents were included in the library. However, after I opened the contents, I found most of them were special English versions, which I don’t enjoy listening very much. Is there any way I can recognize if the VOA content is presented by a special English or not beforehand. It would be helpful if I can tell the difference before I open the content.

I will have a look. The Special English should be in the Beginner II section and the fact that they are in Special English should be in the description. Any other VOA items should be elsewhere.

In future we expect to remove the restriction on how many items you can keep in your Workdesk and that will make it easer to check out new items. Eventually we hope to have a preview function.

Thank you for your looking into this mattter. I look forward to the preview function of the Special English.