VNese - looking for friends on Skype to practice English and German

Hello guys!

I’m 24 years old vietnamese girl living in Berlin.

I want to practice English via Skype(audio call) with either native speakers or people who want to practice English. I can speak german fluently so may be i can help you if you’re learning it too, Of course, vietnamese as well.

I would really like to make friends too because I’m here alone. No family :frowning:

So if you’re interested in making friends, those are some of the things I’m interested in: Photography, Travel, IT, Cat and Dog, Meme, Comic, Cooking and Food…

please leave your Skype ID & age down below.

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Hello, I am Yacine from Algeria, I am looking for partners to learn English together via Skype, if you are interested then this is my id :

Hello, how are you? I’m Igor From Brazil, I have 26 years old and I’d like to practice my speaking and listening skills. So, if you’re interested in you can reach me out on skype. I’ve been in Canada, so I might think I hold a decent level (not fluent) of English. So we could help out each other. See ya.
skype live: igor.g15 or skype e-mail: