Vlog - Lucas From Brazil

Hi guys, how are you today?

I’m here today just to share my youtube vlog where I’ll talk about the things that I like, music,movies, language learn.
I decided to start this vlog just to practice my english,italian and German.
Definitely record vídeo is the best way to practice the language when you don’t have the oportunity to do it with the people.

Of course I’ll make alot of mistakes but it’s good because I’ll can see my mistakes, and you can help me improve too.

If you have time go there, maybe you can feel motivated to start speak the language that you are learning.

Lucas from Brazil - To be Loved

Lucas from Brazil - Why to learn English?

Hi dear, how’ve you been?

So, I recorded some videos to show for the people that is very commom find some natives speakers walking on the street here in Brazil and how important is to be preparer for the World cup 2014.
Vídeo 1

Video 2

Hi folks, how are you today?

Today I would like to share with you guys the most fun activity that I use to learn languages.
If you love to sing your favorites songs probably you’ll like it.
I’m learning a lot of vocabulary with musics, and improving my pronunciation, of course I make mistakes but I can correct myself watchin the video more late.

Hi folks, how are you today?

Can you wacth my new video about motivation?

Bye for now.

Hi Lucas!
The link above don´t work.