Vlog in Italian

I have tried to import a vlog in Italian but it does not work as intended with lingq importer. It is an error opening the lesson.
It is a good idea but it fails to work.
What is the problem?

If you give the link, I can see if it works on my computer.

this is the link

I tried and succeeded!

The subtitles are autogenerated by youtube, not corrected by the vlogger. This means that there are many errors. And the vlog is spoken in a casual way, often the sentences are not completed. The video gives a few nice views of Torino, but in my opinion this is not very useful for the language learner.

I succeded with it too but the text was in English, not Italian.
When I tried first time it was most of the casual talk but not all of it.
Suddenly I have reached the limit of 5 and there is eight,
but several tries without succeding in Italian text