Visualising the saving of a lingq

As there is no button now, I can’t be sure if a lingq is already saved or not. I’ve tried to edit a lingq and pressed Enter (is it supposed to do smth., btw.?) once having it done, but then, after creating another lingq and going back to the first once, I saw that it was saved on half-way.

Could we have some some green tick, letting us know that all changes have already been saved, and some rolling stuff, showing that we should wait a bit as we type?

This is something that we’ll also look at adding, as it’s been made clear that there is some confusion over how the auto-saving works.

how does it work? do you need to press enter?

Yes you press enter.

It goes in the background, so you don’t have to press anything. However, it’s hard to explain that, so we’ll see if we can add some sort of visual notification in the next little while.