Visit to London

We, my wife and I are planning a visit to London in September this year. We had already been there twice times couple of years ago and were very impressed with people as well as charm and city life. Is it possible finding an idyllic spot for staying in a hotel for five nights little bit outside with good access to the city of London? What do we need to know? We are thankful to any advice.
This hotel was clean and inexpensive, although it is not situated in an idyllic spot.

Holiday Inn Express Stevenage

"The Mentone Hotel has been owned and managed by the present family since 1972 and has long been a popular choice with tourists, due to its pleasant surroundings and central location in the heart of Bloomsbury. "

More than twenty years ago I stayed at this B&B. It is situated in BLOOMSBURY.

“Central Park Hotel is a mere stone’s throw away from the splendours of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.”
This hotel is near Hyde Park.

what a coincidence Horst! We are also going to visit Lindon in August.
In my experience the best way to find a hotel is well-known Preis gut - alles gut.

As someone living near London, I have no idea of reasonably priced accommodation. Jürgen’s advice sounds good, as does Yutaka’s Bloomsbury address. It’s really central, quite near the British Museum, theatres and Oxford Street.

If you are interested in Holiday Inn Express places, there’s one in Hammersmith; also quite central and near the Lyric Theatre.

If either of you fancy a quick cup of coffee in London, I’d be pleased to meet up.

Sorry I can’t offer specific tourist advice, though I thought you may be interested to know I just uploaded an article on London yesterday. It might be of some interest to you. It can be found here: Login - LingQ

Thanks a lot for all tips so far. I’ve heard too (or have I read?) that in Bloomsbury we could find good accommodations. We’ll arriving Stansted by airplane and have to battle our way to the hotel and back after visit. But fortunately we’ll take time and have patience.
@Yutaka - thank you for this great effort. It looks like a entire catalog. It’ll be helpful.
@junair - it’s a real shame, but August is a little too early. Please, leave a few places of interest over.
@SusanneT - it would be a great pleasure for Karin and me to enjoy a coffee together with you
@David - exactly this article has caused me to above post (and also around 20 new but not known words). Please create more articles about England and his people. I would be a fan.

Wow that’s great to know. I will certainly creating more articles about England. Let me know if you have any specific requests :slight_smile:

Och… I really want to go to London, because I so much like English language and there are many people who does speaking English very well. I’d like to know what kinds of sports there is most popular, except football. I know that in UK football is most popular sport. I heard that in this country is very delicious dishes. Basically, I need some more information about kind of sports, people and history, I’ am really missing it…

I have stayed in Strand Palace Hotel twice. It is right in center, close to Trafalgar sq., it is very good and cheap, they have a lot of offer during year.